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We specialize in transforming your yard into a mosquito-free zone. With cutting-edge treatments and a commitment to safety, we ensure your outdoor areas are enjoyable and free from the annoyance and health risks mosquitoes bring.

Mosquito Solutions

Leveraging the latest in mosquito control technology, we target mosquitoes at every life stage, drastically reducing their populations in your yard.


Your family’s safety and the health of the environment are our top priorities. Our treatments are effective against mosquitoes while being safe for pets, children, and wildlife.


Lasting Protection

Enjoy long-term relief from mosquitoes. Our maintenance plans ensure your yard remains a comfortable, bite-free zone all season long.

How Our Program Works

The technician will apply long lasting residual products to areas around the property where mosquitoes rest with a motorized power mister. Common places that will be treated are the undersides of leaves, trees, brush piles, and underneath decks.

Additionally, the technician will identify areas of standing water where mosquitoes breed. Common places are flower pot holders, puddles, and tropical plants like bromeliads. Mosquito traps treated with larvicides will be placed in shaded, vegetated areas, where they like to breed. This is done in order to stop mosquitoes from ever becoming biting adults.

Larvicides are very safe and effective. In fact, they are approved for animal drinking sources, and will prevent mosquitoes from reproducing for about 30 days.

Carrie Freeman
a year ago
I was very impressed w Pat and his team. He was responsive, listened to what I was looking for and came up w a plan for a big backyard landscaping project w new artificial turf and front yard revamp. Highly recommend. We just had a wedding in the backyard and everyone was so impressed w the yard. Thank you!
Monalee BODMER
2 weeks ago
CJ sprayed the entire lawn, time will tell if we eventually will get rid of the majority of the weeds. I did forget to ask him how soon I will be able to run the sprinklers after the spraying. Maybe you can let me know.
Antonio Gjorgjievski
a month ago
Hired Alejandro and his crew to install new palms in our front yard and I’m glad I did. The guys showed up when they said they would, excellent communication with the office, and finished faster than I expected. I’m very pleased with their work
Саяна Бадлуева
4 months ago
Had a serious grub issue and Angler came to the rescue. Their treatment was effective and our lawn is finally recovering. Their expertise and friendly advice were much appreciated. Definitely the go-to guys for any pest problems in your yard.
Cindy O'Donnell
a year ago
We have been using Angler Lawn & Landscaping for 11 years. They have been doing a great job every week for us. The owner, Pat, continuously helps us improve our landscaping in the front and back yard by suggesting colorful, year-round flowers and shrubs, and the team always does an amazing job of removing old shrubs and flowers, planting new ones, mulching, trimming, and weeding. We could not be happier with the weekly service that Angler provides. We highly recommend Angler Lawn & Landscaping!

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Lawn Pest Control

Bid farewell to those bothersome critters! Our targeted pest control services tackle grubs, chinch bugs, fleas, and ticks, ensuring your lawn is a pest-free sanctuary.

Weed Control

Weeds are no match for our expert team. Say goodbye to unsightly invaders, and watch your lawn flourish with our weed control solutions.

Fungus Control

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Reliable Mosquito Control Services

  1. Free Yard Evaluation: Our specialists start with a thorough assessment of your yard to identify problem areas and breeding sites.
  2. Tailored Treatment Application: Based on the evaluation, we apply targeted treatments to eliminate mosquitoes and prevent future infestations.
  3. Follow-Up and Maintenance: To ensure lasting protection, we offer ongoing maintenance plans tailored to your yard’s needs.

Ready for a Mosquito-Free Lawn? Don’t let mosquitoes ruin your outdoor enjoyment. Contact us today to schedule your free yard evaluation. Let us help you take back your outdoor space with our proven mosquito control solutions.


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