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In the grand tapestry of suburban bliss, a weed-infested lawn is a glaring blemish. It speaks of battles lost, of surrender to the relentless invaders that mar the green. But what if the tide could turn? Welcome to Angler Lawn, where we don't just control weeds; we obliterate them, restoring your lawn to its rightful glory.

Comprehensive Weed

A meticulous survey to identify the type of weeds in your lawn, followed by a strategy to vanquish it.

Custom Weed
Annihilation Plans

From the common dandelion to the stubborn dollar weed, we craft specific plans for every enemy.


Ongoing Weed

Victory requires vigilance. Our maintenance programs ensure your lawn remains a fortress against weed invasion.

11 months ago
I was very impressed w Pat and his team. He was responsive, listened to what I was looking for and came up w a plan for a big backyard landscaping project w new artificial turf and front yard revamp. Highly recommend. We just had a wedding in the backyard and everyone was so impressed w the yard. Thank you!
a month ago
Had a serious grub issue and Angler came to the rescue. Their treatment was effective and our lawn is finally recovering. Their expertise and friendly advice were much appreciated. Definitely the go-to guys for any pest problems in your yard.
11 months ago
We have been using Angler Lawn & Landscaping for 11 years. They have been doing a great job every week for us. The owner, Pat, continuously helps us improve our landscaping in the front and back yard by suggesting colorful, year-round flowers and shrubs, and the team always does an amazing job of removing old shrubs and flowers, planting new ones, mulching, trimming, and weeding. We could not be happier with the weekly service that Angler provides. We highly recommend Angler Lawn & Landscaping!
6 months ago
Amazing company. If you want a good price, good service and good job go with them. Company provided a representative almost immediately to provide a quote (1-2 days after having called). I requested quotes from 3 other companies apart from and Angler & Lawn & Landscape and their quote was far better than the competition. Quote was extremely fair for work being done. They did a beautiful job on my property.
8 months ago
They’ve been doing the service on the Airbnb I manage and it’s been such a relief not having to be on top of different landscaping guys as I had to do before… The angler team always shows up when scheduled (which is key with a short term rental) and they always leave the entire lawn perfect! Additionally, they did the initial recommendations for the lawn and the plants they recommended and installed have been performing extremely well with FL weather and don’t require as much water which is a huge plus. Very happy with the service, thanks guys!!!

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Lawn Pest Control

Bid farewell to those bothersome critters! Our targeted pest control services tackle grubs, chinch bugs, fleas, and ticks, ensuring your lawn is a pest-free sanctuary.

Weed Control

Weeds are no match for our expert team. Say goodbye to unsightly invaders, and watch your lawn flourish with our weed control solutions.

Fungus Control

Don't let fungus destroy your beautiful lawn. Our fungus control treatments are designed to keep your grass healthy and free from disease.



Reliable Lawn Care Services Since 1995

  • Unmatched Expertise: Drawing from decades of triumphs in lawn care, our team embodies the pinnacle of weed control mastery.
  • Precision Treatments: Your lawn is a canvas, and our solutions are the brushstrokes that erase weeds, tailored to the unique needs of your turf.
  • Sustainable Practices: In our quest, we arm ourselves with eco-friendly weapons, ensuring your lawn thrives not just today, but for generations.
  • Guaranteed Satisfaction: Our commitment is to your lawn’s transformation. Witness a rebirth or we return, swords in hand, to right the wrong.
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